Take a look at the upcoming carnivals and celebrations for your travel plans

Featured Carnival

Rio Carnival

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

The 2021 Rio Carnival officially begins on February 21th. and ends on February 25th. Shake your way through the Rio de Janeiro carnival period and don’t miss the change to revel in the many events and dances taking place in the carnival.

The various parades taking place

  • Main Schools’ Parades
  • Champions’ Parade
  • Preliminary Schools’ Parade
  • Children’s Schools Parade

Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Carnival, offers a huge variety of carnival balls that take place in the pre-carnival period and during the carnival. Dances taking place a all through the carnival and celebrations taking place at reasonable prices. Most dance tickets ranging from R $ 300 to R $ 700. Be it the sophisticated dances taking place at the Copacabana Palace hotel, the most luxurious in the city, aimed at an audience that wants to enjoy the carnival without giving up sophistication. In this ball the obligatory attire is black-tie or luxury fancy. Other great dances take place in Scala, located in the center of the city, very close to the Cinelândia subway station. Clube dos Caiçaras and the Hard Rock Café da Folia also organize lively fancy dance for adults and children.

Port of Spain

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival

A colorful, vibrant and dynamic adventure where celebrations take place from a monday and tuesday before an ash wednesday. Believed to be the best carribean carnival in the world.

Venice, Italy

Carnevale Venice

The most elegant and extragavant carnivals in the world, where revellers wear masks and costumes from 18th century Italy. A carnival ranging for 20 days made famous by its parties, masquerades and its must-see festivities.

Barranquila, Colombia

Barranquila Carnival

Most important celebration in Barranquila Carnival which has to be one of the largest carnivals coming out of the south americas attended by millions. Running for four days to Ash wednesday.

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New Orleans, USA

Mardi Gras

Known as Shrove Tuesday in latin, filled with costumed revellers and endless merry making. Floats and their riders throwing colorful beads to the audience. Starting from the 6th of January where the parties culminates to larger celebrations.